It is a medicinal therapy in itself.





It is a medicinal therapy in itself.

Since its official foundation by Dr. Andrew Taylor Still, osteopathic medicine has been evolving to the present day, however, it has always been practiced in some form since ancient times.

Osteopathy establishes the spine as the main axis of the body. Due to the responses of the nervous tissues of the cells to and from the marrow, both can be diagnosed and effectively help in the healing of many and diverse pathologies.

After analyzing the health status of each client; respecting the general principles of medicine, and with the knowledge of human anatomy and its biomechanics; osteopathy uses a wide variety of manual, effective and safe techniques, aimed at the normalization of different organic tissues in dysfunction (bone, muscle, nervous, connective, or visceral), to the establishment of appropriate relationships between different parts of the body (mechanical, neurological and fluid) and the maintenance of balance and overall structural integrity.

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Structural osteopathy

Structural osteopathy is the biomechanical basis of osteopathy and it`s aimed at balancing the musculoskeletal and fascial system.

It is very effective and serves to treat a wide range of dysfunctions. The problems of the musculoskeletal system can affect the normality of nervous, blood and any other part of the body, affecting general health. Mechanical problems can lead to pain in joints and muscles, but also in the affections of internal organs. Osteopaths work on the structure of the body to reach a state of harmony. The rebalancing and maintenance of the body is, therefore, essential for good health.

Visceral osteopathy

It consists of a series of gentle yet powerful manipulation techniques aimed at eliminating any fascial, muscular, respiratory or any other type of blockage that is preventing the normal functioning of the viscera. The therapist is trained in the same way to capture the tensions that break this balance and recompose the visceral gear with pressures in different directions.

Los tejidos conjuntivos que envuelven los órganos pueden llegar a crear adherencias y éstas a su vez lesiones osteopáticas que, con el tiempo, pueden empeorar seriamente la salud. Una mala respiración diafragmática también es causa común de diversas patologías viscerales. En estos casos, la labor del osteópata consiste en dar movilidad al sistema visceral afectado con las técnicas apropiadas en cada caso.

In a holistic way

Osteopathy, therefore, treats the body in a holistic way. A visceral, muscular, joint or nervous pain may have its cause in another tissue in dysfunction. The source of the problem is therefore reached, be it structural or even emotional.



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The massage

The massage consists of a series of manual techniques that serve to tone, relax, stretch or decontracture the muscular and tendinous tissues of the body.

It has been used since time immemorial and for all cultures, and it is well known for its effectiveness in restoring muscle tone, which makes it essential for the practice of sports; as well as for its relaxing and toning effect, being excellent for those people who suffer from stress, insomnia and in general for all those who have muscle pain and in which the massage is not contraindicated.

Chiromassage also causes a positive psychological influence. The contact of caring and sensitive hands are in themselves, a principle of psychosomatic improvement.

Drains to a great extent the fluids of the body, restoring blood and lymphatic circulation and exercises an optimization in the general functioning of organs and joints.

In short, a massage is health. And normally, the one who experiences it repeats the experience, due to the beneficial effects that are received by its action.

With extensive knowledge of human anatomy, experience and sensitivity, both in handling and care, is a good choice at the time of receiving a massage.

A well done massage is not only a therapy but also an art.