osteopatiaymasaje.com and Javier Arceo


Who am I

Who am I

osteopatiaymasaje.com and Javier Arceo

Osteopatiaymasaje.com is my osteopathy and massage center located in Calle del Conde de Peñalver 20, in the Salamanca district where I practice osteopathy.

I am a graduate in osteopathy and have an experience of more than 15 years, which I combine with the important help of massage as a powerful soft tissue relaxant, so that my therapy involves an excellent and careful massage, together with the precise and necessary techniques to resolve and restore balance to each patient. My motivation is to provide a quality service to people looking for an osteopath in Madrid, who need personalized, complete and effective help.

Throughout history, natural medicine has been the best way to solve many pathologies in a non-invasive way, and osteopathy and massage are in the first place, in a very prominent way, due to its age and accumulated experience, the clear and logical approach in biomechanics, and the understanding of the human being as a whole linked to each of the parties.

The manipulation techniques in osteopathy are of a different nature, but they always serve to release those blockages that may be joint, but also visceral, conjunctive, muscular, or that affect bodily fluids. For those people who wonder what an osteopath does, the answer is very simple. We look for those physical blockages that produce an adaptation in the body, and that always arise in a painful way, and we try to free the affected areas. When this is done correctly, all the energy that collapsed in these blocks is released in many different ways, the natural balance of the body is restored and with that the processes of self-healing of the human body are reactivated.

And it is with the understanding in daily practice of the concepts on which osteopathy is based that an osteopath shapes the enormous potential that it has, and many clients perceive it as a miracle that occurs after one or several sessions. The enormous capacity of liberation, both physical and emotional, in the solution of a problem creates that “miracle effect”, unleashing all the unlocks of the system and allowing the body to heal itself as effectively as it does when it is all right.

At my osteopathic center in Conde de Peñalver, I analyze each of the patients in a personalized way, once the problem is detected, I start with an adequate therapy. The study of human biomechanics gives the key to finding the anatomical balance, and eliminate the existing blocks in the injured areas, the body recovers and returns to normal.

The affected muscles recover better once the joints are released from the blocks that cause the injury.

In some cases, I apply Kinesiotape to help recovery more quickly.

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