If you are looking for a trusted osteopath in Madrid, Javier Arceo is a professional osteopath with a long experience in his office and hundreds of satisfied clients.

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An osteopath in Madrid dedicated to help you

Javier Arceo combines a practical and efficient vision of osteopathy, with an excellent massage combines a practical and efficient vision of osteopathy, with an excellent massage.

In our n our osteopathy center in Madrid we like to take care of you in all aspects. We always use bio oils and natural essences center in Madrid we like to take care of you in all aspects. We always use bio oils and natural essences.

“Osteopathy is always more complete when accompanied by a good massage, this being indispensable in the final result.”

 Javier Arceo- Osteopath

Osteopathy and massage are two exceptional tools that, with the right experience, are very capable of releasing the blockages that close the movement and produce many of the pain we suffer.

In the office of the osteopath Javier Arceo, located two blocks from the Goya metro, at Salamanca district of Madrid, osteopathy and massage are used in a precise and effective way.

Since many of the ailments we suffer are based on daily stress, the design of the office has been focused to create a peaceful environment where you can feel at home. Your well-being matters to your osteopath

Osteopathy room

Sala osteopatia

Why do you need a good osteopath?

The current life with the accumulated work overload, stress, anxiety, problems derived from lack of exercise, bad postures in long hours in front of the computer, or mobile, and a long etcetera; is keeping us us in constant struggle with the environment in a completely artificial way.

We are not aware of the physical problems and imbalances we have until the pain appears.

It is very important to go to the osteopath before this happens. In fact, osteopathy should be another part of your life.

Not only for the relief of not feeling pain in your body, but for the prevention of it and more serious injuries.

The osteopath in the various pathologies

structural osteopathy

javier arceo tratamiento b

Traumatological and Postural

Sprains, tendonitis, epicondylitis, bursitis, low back pain, scoliosis, fasciitis, contractures, connective or fascial tissues, back and neck problems, knee injuries, ankle and foot injuries, and in general all joints.

Fascial osteopathy

javier arceo tratamiento b

Rheumatology and Neuropathies

Arthritis, torticollis, osteoarthritis, brachialgia, cervicobrachialgia, sciatica, cervicalgia, dorsalgia …

sacral craneal osteopathy

javier arceo tratamiento b

Vertigo and headaches

Dizziness, migraines, headaches, stress …

Visceral osteopathy

osteopatía visceral

Visceral problems

Anxiety, fluid retention, varicose veins and other circulatory problems of the legs such as tiredness, heaviness.

Some pathologies related to somatic problems influenced by the diaphragm, and a long etcetera, may be related to visceral problems and vice versa.


The therapy is based on structural osteopathy, visceral osteopathy and cranial sacral osteopathy.

Javier Arceo is an osteopath with experience in treating all types of medical conditions using osteopathy and massage.

The complexity of life today, the bad postures in long hours of work, or the innumerable problems we face every day flood us with stress and anxiety.

This leads to many problems in the back and neck, been these the majority of treatments given at the office. The long experience of Javier Arceo in treating them is a guarantee to feel good from the first visit.


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Due to the status of the COVID-19 coronavirus,

at Javier Arceo osteopathy we have extreme safety and hygiene.

Actions taken:

  • The clinical management protocols of the Ministry of Health have been studied and put into practice.
  • The consultation is sanitized daily.
  • Appointments are made so that clients do not cross paths or have to wait with other clients.
  • The osteopath wears a ffp3 or N98 mask and hygienic gloves.
  • We have a sanitized toilet with "no touch" elements such as a wastebasket or soap dispenser with movement sensors.

At Javier Arceo - osteopathy we think of everyone's safety to give you better service and attention.