Massage, or quiromassage (quiro = hands) consists of a series of manual techniques that serve to tone, relax, stretch, detach or decontract muscle tissues, connective tissues, and tendons of the physical body.

It has been used since ancient times and for all cultures, and its effectiveness in restoring muscle tone is well known.

It is essential for regular treatment of athletes; as well as for its relaxing and toning effect, being excellent for those who suffer from stress, insomnia and in general for all those who have muscle aches and in which the massage is not contraindicated.

Quiromassage also causes a positive psychological influence. The contact of caring and sensitive hands are themselves a principle of psychosomatic improvement, but of course there is much more than that.

Osteopath, but also a good masseuse

The massage

It drains heavily the body fluids, restoring blood and lymphatic circulation and exercises an optimization in the general functioning of organs and joints.

In short, massage is health. And normally, the one who experiences it repeats the experience due to the beneficial effects that are received by its action.

Javier Arceo is also a good professional masseuse with extensive knowledge of human anatomy.

With experience and sensitivity, both for the ability to perceive with the hands and knowing how to use the best techniques, and also for the attention he gives to his patients, it is always excelent when receiving a good massage from an osteopath.

A well done massage is not only a technique but also an art.

Essential oils

aceites esenciales masaje

Aromatherapy in massage

In osteopatí Javier Arceo is clear about the importance of using organic base oils and bio essences when applying skin massage.

The constituent elements of the massage oils that are used are selected by experts in aromatherapy and phytotherapy for their medicinal properties, and are carefully mixed to obtain greater efficacy. A luxury and a pleasure that also brings the healing power of plants to the whole treatment.

The essences and their properties

“Aromatherapy uses highly concentrated and biochemically defined essences that are effective in numerous and varied domains: viral, bacterial and parasitic pathologies, regardless of the organs they affect; inflammatory and painful conditions of muscles, tendons, joints, but also of disorders linked to dysfunction of the nervous system.”

Packed with active ingredients, essential oils have an extraordinary energy that also allows revitalizing individuals whose daily routine reduces dynamism and immunity against external aggressions of all kinds. ”

Dominique Baudoux -Aromatherapy-

“El arte de curar con aceites esenciales”

Massage with or without osteopathy

If what you are looking for is just massage, and you do not want osteopathy service, no problem. Many people just want to de-stress with a relax massage or get in tune with a good sports massage. Javier Arceo always gives you the possibility to choose