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Cookies policy

Since 2012, the European Union regulates Internet browsing, requiring this type of notice and information so that the user is aware that the cookies used and necessary for the operation of each website are going to be installed on their website. team.

This website, like most sites on the Internet, uses cookies to improve and optimize the user experience. A “cookie” is a small text file that a web page server stores on the user’s hard drive. The “cookies” can not by themselves identify a person since they do not refer to any personal data and can not be executed as a code or contain viruses.

The web server does not associate you as a person, but your web browser. In fact, if you usually browse with a browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, …) and try to navigate through the same website with another browser you will see that the web asks you again for your consent to store cookies, since you do not realize that you are the same person because those cookies are associated with the browser, not the person.

Cookies help, for example, to save the user’s settings (language and country from which you browse) so you do not have to enter these details again in your next visit. In addition, they allow you to keep the order information in an online store while browsing the pages.

In this website for your security, we have a trust certificate that guarantees the veracity and cleanliness of our website.

Own Cookies

Are those technical cookies that are essential to allow the user to navigate through a web page, such as those that allow you to store the data of a form or use an SSL certificate – they are essential so you can use all the functions of our web page, such as filling out forms, accessing security areas or maintaining the session of the registered user when browsing the page.- These cookies do not collect information, they are exclusive for the functionality of the page.

The privacy rules automatically allow that these cookies are placed in your browser.

Other Cookies

Personalization cookies: This type allows you to customize the functions or contents of our website, depending on the data obtained from the browser. – All the information collected is anonymous and you can not follow your browsing activity on other websites. It is only used to improve the functioning of a web page. Through these cookies, for example we can present a website in the same browser language used to visit the web, allow a web to remember fields that you have completed (such as your name). user, language or province you are in) and provides improved features in other parts of the web pages that can be customized.

Analysis cookies: They are used for statistical purposes only. Remember if you have visited a website and this information is shared with other organizations such as Google Analytics generated cookies.

Third party cookies: These are all those that aim to improve the effectiveness of external services to this website and / or customize it, according to the user. Some allow the operation of useful services such as, for example, sharing on social networks. They are usually allowed third-party cookies, to give a desired or recommended service to the users of a website.

Deactivation of Cookies

If the user so wishes, it is possible to stop accepting browser cookies, or stop accepting the cookies of a particular service.

All modern browsers allow you to change the cookie settings. These settings normally they are in the “Options” or “Preferences” of the browser menu.

The user may, at any time, disable the use of cookies on this website through the browser configuration.

Other third-party tools, available on-line, that allow users to detect cookies on each website they visit and manage their deactivation, for example, Ghostery

If you decide not to accept cookies, you should not browse our website. But if you still want to consult us, you can contact us at the mail

The cookies used on this website

The data provided to, is collected under a secure certified environment (verify that your browser indicates that it is connected with https), which guarantees the accuracy of this website.

For technical reasons and quality of service, the domain is hosted on the servers of the company HostyTec (privacy policy). These data will be stored in the database owned by and will not be transferred to third parties under any circumstances, except as stipulated by law.

In any case, the right to rectification and / or cancellation may be exercised through a written request through our email

The users of our website are aware of everything stated and indicated in it and, therefore, accept all the above and indicated in it, freely and voluntarily.

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